Google Sheets has two ways you can filter your data: using a Filter or a Filter View. Using a Filter View has many advantages over using a Filter. This new Denison Google Sheets Using Filter Views video showcases why and how to use Filter Views. If you are not sure if you are using Filter Views, please watch!

Using Filter Views rather than Filters is one of a number of tips covered in the Denison Google Sheets – Large Data Sets guide. If you work with large spreadsheets, please check out the tips in this guide.

If you have questions on this or other Google Sheets topics, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 740-587-6395 or schedule an ITS Client Success virtual appointment.

LastPass, a well-known password manager, announced that some customer data—including encrypted passwords—were copied by an unauthorized threat actor. Though LastPass encrypts passwords, a determined threat actor could decrypt the stolen data and access stored passwords and account information.

Faculty & staff who use LastPass to store your Denison or personal passwords should complete this brief LastPass Usage Survey by Friday, February 3, so we can understand your LastPass usage and provide recommendations to secure your passwords. 

Update: 1/24/22 6:15 am
The maintenance has been completed. Please report any issues to the ITS Service Desk or 740-587-6395.

Original Post:
Denison Information Technology Services (ITS) will be applying a Single Sign-On (SSO) configuration change on Tuesday, January 24th, 2023 from 6:00 AM – 6:30 AM EST that will impact users logging into Denison Services. The downtime should only last a couple of minutes and should be restored as quickly as possible. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 740-587-6395

ITS has completed testing of macOS Ventura compatibility with Denison’s standard software and technology services. No issues were identified.

Accordingly, ITS is lifting the caution against updating to macOS Ventura published in this Oct. 2022 announcement. Additionally, ITS has removed the block which has prevented Denison-managed Macs from receiving the macOS Ventura software update notification. 


The following critical recommendations apply to this (and any) major operating system update:

  • Back up your files. In the rare event there is a problem with the update process, it may be necessary to erase your computer’s hard drive, then install a fresh copy of the operating system and restore your personal files. To protect your important data, please adopt a recommended file storage location or backup approach.
  • Check any specialized software you use to make sure it is compatible with macOS Ventura. You may need to update specialized applications before upgrading your Mac’s operating system.
  • Make sure you have time. Allow 2 or more hours for the update itself. Ensure that you have time after the update to address any issues that may occur.
  • Plug in your computer before starting the update. Running out of power during a software update can render your system unusable and result in data loss.


Select Apple Menu > About This Mac > Software Update to see the option to update your Mac to macOS Ventura. (If you don’t see this yet, check again soon! Denison Macs will receive the ability to install Ventura beginning January 22, 2023.)


Please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 740-587-6395.

UPDATE: January 21, 2023, 11:15 AM

Jaggaer indicates that they have fully resolved the the errors recently introduced in Denison’s e-procurement software. They note, “All failed Purchase Orders associated with this error have been requeued and sent to suppliers.”

Please contact the ITS Service Desk at 740-587-6395 or if you have any questions or concerns about Denison’s e-procurement software.

UPDATE: January 20, 2023, 11:50 AM

Jaggaer has provided an update on their progress resolving the errors in Denison’s e-procurement software:

JAGGAER Developers have identified root cause and are developing and testing a fix for the issue introduced with last night’s maintenance release. Our anticipated ETA for full resolution on all servers is 6:00 PM ET / 11:00 PM GMT.

ITS will post more information here as Jaggaer provides additional updates.

ORIGINAL POST: January 20, 2023, 10:15 AM

Jaggaer, the company that publishes Denison’s e-procurement software, released a notice acknowledging errors that were introduced after an update:

Jaggaer Email Update: We have received reports of display issues with Forms and an error occurring during Purchase Order Distribution when a document contains a Form Request. We have confirmed that these problems were introduced during last night’s maintenance release (January 19, 2023). JAGGAER Developers are working quickly to resolve this. We will follow up as progress is made and we are able to provide a timeline to resolution.

ITS will publish an update here as more information is available.

Original Post 1/19/23 6:15pm:
A power outage on campus has caused the network to go down in Sigma Chi and Preston House. Facilities is on-site and looking into the outage. An update will be posted when one is available.

1/19/23 7:58pm:
The network has been restored to all buildings. If you experience any network connectivity issues after this time, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 740-587-6395 or

Google Drive is an important part of Denison’s storage strategy, providing secure, reliable data storage. This year, Google changed its practice of providing unlimited file storage to educational institutions. While we will still receive a limited amount of free storage, Denison has purchased additional space to meet the growing file storage needs of our campus.

What does this mean for me?

Your daily use of Gmail and Google Drive will not be affected by this change. ITS continues to recommend Google Drive as your primary file storage location to ensure reliable, secure, and collaborative storage. Going forward, individuals and departments will have storage quotas that balance their unique Google Drive storage needs with the overall needs of the campus. These quotas were developed following a close analysis of Denison’s file storage utilization and account for future usage.

What counts toward my quota?

Email (including attachments), files in Google Drive owned by your account, and photos in Google Photos count toward your storage quota.

How do I know how much storage I am using?

For individual accounts:

You will soon see your available storage on the lower left side of your Google Drive (as shown below). 

For shared drives:

Similar to individual drives, there will also be a quota allotted to each shared drive. Shared Drive usage can be seen in the Drive details section of each drive.

To find the quota size for shared drives:

  1. In Google Drive, click Shared Drives, then select the appropriate drive.
  2. To the right, a new section will appear labeled with the shared drive’s name. 
  3. Find the quota in Drive details  > Storage used.

What happens when I reach my quota?

When your quota reaches 100%, you will still be able to send and receive email. You will no longer be able to add files to Google Drive or Google Photos.

If I am near or above my quota, what should I do?

If you are approaching or above your quota, we ask that you first identify and delete large email attachments and files that are duplicated or no longer needed. 

How do I delete large or duplicate files?

Gmail: Go to Enter larger:10M  into the Gmail search field at the top of your Gmail inbox, then press Return or Enter on your keyboard to display messages larger than 10MB.

Photos: Go to On the left side at the bottom, click Storage to see how much space you have used in photos. Unlike Drive, Photos does not display a list of large items. 

Drive: To confirm how much storage you’re using, go to

  1. To review and delete large or unnecessary files in Drive, go to
  2. To review and delete large or unnecessary files in shared drives, go to
  3. Consider deleting Drive content that you may have copied to a shared drive. If a file resides in 2 locations, it may be consuming twice the storage space.
  4. To search for and delete unnecessary or large emails, go to Manage files in your Google Drive storage and follow the instructions for Gmail.

Can I raise my quota?

Yes. If you still need additional storage after following the steps above to reduce large or duplicate content, please contact the ITS Service Desk to request an increased quota. 

Where can I learn more about Google’s changes to its tools for education?
You can read more here:


If you have additional questions, would like to review your storage options, or would like to request additional storage, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 740-587-6395 or email

Google has added a “Timeline View” (Gantt Chart) to Google Sheets to help track and visualize project tasks. 

To use the timeline view, your Google Sheet must contain at least the following fields: Task title, Start Date (in date format), and End Date (in date format) OR Duration (as number of days OR in hours, minutes, seconds format hh:mm:ss). 

To learn more, see the Google Support articles Create & Edit a Timeline View and Customize Your Timeline View. For a great video walkthrough of setting up your spreadsheet and creating a timeline view, see this video from DoIT Training at Stony Brook University.

If you have any questions or would like to review this or other Google Sheets features either individually or in a group, please send a request to the ITS Service Desk at

There are two ways to use Google Meet on a mobile device: you can use Google Meet through the integrated Gmail app OR the standalone Google Meet app

Google has updated the standalone Google Meet app. Beginning January 11, 2023, Google will redirect users to install the updated app if it is not already installed. Please note, the new app may have already been automatically installed.

Once the app is updated, the next time you open it you may see several screens asking for input such as the entry of a phone number or permission to access your contacts. To learn more about changes in the Google Meet app, please see this Google support article “Learn about the new Meet app”.

If you have any questions or issues using the Google Meet app with your Denison account, please contact the ITS Service Desk at 740-587-6395 or

Update 1/7/2023 9:45pm
All maintenance has been successfully completed. If you experience any issues please try clearing your browser cache or using an Incognito Window. If the problem persists please reach out to the ITS Service Desk.

Update 1/7/2023 7:00pm
Maintenance is still ongoing…targeting completion by 10:00pm.

Original Post:
Denison Information Technology Services (ITS) will be applying Banner security patches and module updates on Saturday, January 7th, 2023 from 5:30 AM – 7:30 PM EST that will impact access to Banner and related systems. Users will not be able to access these services during this time.

Affected services include:
Banner Admin Pages
Banner Self Service
Jaggaer (e-procurement)
Nelnet Payment Gateway
MyDenison content that relies on Banner data

This post will be updated when the maintenance is complete. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Service Desk at or 740-587-6395.