New Streamlined Process for Reserving Rooms & Vehicles and Requesting Master Calendar Listings Online Now Available

The Events and Scheduling Office, Office of the Provost, and Information Technology Services are pleased to share a new, updated version of the Event Management System (EMS) that we use to schedule reservations for rooms and vehicles, and to add events to the Campus Calendar on MyDenison (Master Calendar).  This update was necessary as our previous version was no longer supported.  With this update, we can now fully plan an event with confirmed room reservations and then automatically have it added to the Master Calendar.  This version also permits quick reservations that don’t require approval to be added to the reservation system automatically, which allows for last minute reservations! Room and vehicle reservations and Master Calendar listing requests can and should be made online using this new process.

On MyDenison, the calendar with Campus Events is still found in the same link, however there is no longer a link to schedule an event directly from the Master Calendar.  The full calendar of room reservations is also still available as before.  The Reservation button next to Campus Events now takes you to the new online process for planning events or reserving rooms and vehicles.  Denison users will login to the new app using their Denison BigRedID (username) and password.

If you are requesting use of a classroom on campus for an event/meeting to be held within 2 weeks that does not require any special setup, will not involve food, and does not need a master calendar listing, your room reservation will be approved automatically using the “Quick Event Request form”. All other requests will flow through the same approval process as previously, now online.

To learn more, see the Intro video or attend a 30-minute virtual demo/Q&A on Friday, January 14th at 10:00AM or Tuesday, January 25th at 3:00PM (register now). 

Ready to make a room or vehicle reservation and/or request a master calendar listing for an event? See the EMS – Room Availability/Reservation and Master Calendar Submission Guide or the EMS – Vehicle Availability and Reservation Guide for step-by-step instructions on the process.

For more information about EMS, please see the EMS MyDenison page. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the Events and Scheduling Office at or 740-587-5730.